Alright ladies and gentlemen, this blog has somewhat died a death but I’m hosting a resurrection to share some details on a little HU SnG tournament I’ve had any idea about.

NBC’s HU Championship aired in the UK last night and an idea emerged after a little discussion between myself @AggroSquid and @foz1977. Basically using Pokerstars Home Games I thought it’d be cool if we could get a few people together and play out our own little championship.

If we have X people interested everyone entered would play each other in a best of three format, scoring a point for each win. After all games are concluded the top two point scorers would play each other, either in a final decider match or again as a best of three, with a winners-takes-all prize structure.

The entry fee would only be $5-10 or so depending on people’s preference but that is still a few bi’s to go with the bragging rights 🙂

Would probably go for Normal speed or perhaps Turbo as a compromise for any amongst us with a Super Turbo preference.

If anyone has any alternative suggestions that would run better feel free to fire them at me and we’ll see if we can get something sorted out.

Anyone interested either post here or hit me up on twitter at @_The0tter.

Interested so far:







Hi guys, I feel a ramble is just about due and I think my recent bank roll shocker is as good a topic as any. I managed to turn my $60 roll split between Stars and Tilt into less than $10 on Tilt and El Busto on Stars..

This was all my own doing and something I can learn from, but basically I played too many 2 table HU games that were outside of my roll. Not only this but it probably didn’t help that I was regging games when I should have just switched my laptop off.

Long story short, and with help from @jwjhooper, I’m now grinding 10c/25c/50c 90/360 man MT SnG’s on PokerStars and trying to rebuild my roll which now sits at a not so totally disastrous $22.

I am having quite a lot of fun (never a bad thing) in these games tbh and it’s nice to make the Final Table and make a decent cash in relation to my current bankroll size. I’m going to continue playing these full ring SnG’s for a while and hopefully move up to the $1-$2.50 level before I reevaluate my poker plan (again).

So with that bankroll bust and change of game selection a few of my goals are going out the window. I am lowering my BR target a notch from $100 down to $60. As I think not only will this be more achievable (and less morale sapping) while grinding micro SnG’s but this will also get me out of the red on PokerStars. I want to continue to study and as per @HollyBah’s suggestion I’ll be looking to pick up ‘The Mental Game of Poker’ as I think this is definitely an area where I can make an improvement.

I’ll try and keep this updated with any micro grinding progress as well as obligatory tweets on any strange hands or Final Tables made 🙂

Current roll: $22.13.



Where I’m at;

Poker for me is still just a hobby and I’ve never really made a substantial deposit. Having tried a few different sites, 888, PKR, Pokerstars and now Full Tilt I’ve found myself to be a break even player, give or take a few quid either way. I had my biggest win of $400 HU on PKR and £100 from my first live £10 tournament, other than this I’ve not done much to write headlines about. However 2013 is the year I want to turn myself from break even to a profit, even if this is only beer tokens. I plan to do this by mainly grinding HU Turbo’s and Hypers – as I feel this is where I can achieve a large volume. I also find that bad beats playing Hypers and Turbo’s are more easily brushed off than for example getting sucked out on after 4 hours playing a 4000 field tourney (See @JwjhooperJh9h’s tweets for a good example of this 🙂 ).

My ‘roll’ currently is $55 – I would deposit more however right now as much money as I can get my hands on is going towards adventures abroad. Therefore I’m in the tricky spot of grinding Micro stakes and while this may not be ideal for my sanity I think reaching goals will be a greater achievement that simply depositing $200 and jumping into $5/10 games.

While playing Micro stakes I will be using the 1/2 Kelly BR model which equates to 20 buy ins at 10% ROI – as stakes increase I will increase the amount of buy ins I am playing with, however I feel 20 is adequate for Micro stakes.

My current goals are:

Achieve a ROI of around 10%.

Maintain Chrome & attain Silver Status.

$100 bankroll (or @Aggrosquid could just ship me some? :-)).

Continue to study, but not just HU, & also begin to review HH.

Make a more concerted effort to manage my ‘Tilt’ and not reg games I shouldn’t do!

Move up stakes and play out a reasonable sample of $5 HU & then reevaluate my goals..

*In the short/long term I want to be able to comfortably grind at $10 – If I can grind at this left while achieving a ~10% this will be similar to my part-time sales assistant wage – and so when hours are hard to come by I have something to fall back on.

*Long term I want to play $15+ HU while attaining a 10% ROI.

Obviously these two goals are very much dependent on success through the Micro stakes.

Any input or criticisms are more than welcome 🙂